“why don’t you ever date anyone?”

So I have a friend that keeps asking me why it is that I never date any one. In all honesty it’s such an annoying question because for one I honestly don’t know the true answer and for two I would LOVE to “date” but I’m just not as lucky as I wish to be.

I believe in true love and soul-mates. I don’t want to be dating someone just because. I want something special! I know I’m young but hey, I want what I want. I would love to experience “puppy love”. I would love to have someone stay up all night just to talk on the phone with me, despite their burning desire to sleep. I would love to have someone to send me cute text messages and tell me I’m beautiful. I would love to have someone to laugh at my corny jokes, and yes they can be very corny, just because they know how much it means to me. I would love to have someone to fight over dumb stuff with and to make it all better with a simple “I’m sorry” and kiss on the forehead. And maybe someday I will get that, but until then I will just continue to imagine how perfect it will be when I finally get it.

So friend, if you are reading this, just for you I’m going to explore some different possibilities of why it is I never date. Now that I think of it, the main reason that don’t date is because no one ever asks me to date them. But I guess there are other reasons to. Maybe the reason that I don’t date is because guys don’t find me dateable. Maybe it’s because I push people away, which I don’t mean to. Or maybe I have just set my standards to high. Or it could be that I can never tell when a boy likes me so I miss all the hints. Or maybe it’s because I’m so shy, and don’t speak up when I like someone. But honestly, I really don’t know. But hey , I tried to answer the question.


And because I love you for reading this, here’s one of my corny jokes (: your welcome in advance (:
What do you call a pig that does karate?

A pork chop 😛



Welcome “friends”

“truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget” -unknown

My name is Tajee , I am 17 years old and I recently decided that I wanted to start a blog. I am not trying to promote, prove, or preach about anything. I am here to just share my ideas and thoughts about the things that teenagers ( and myself) experience. I debated long and hard about what my first blog post would be about, when a close friend of mine , best friend actually, suggested that I write about how much I value our friendship,which is not exactly going to do, sorry friend. However, the topics kind of go hand in hand. So , what is the topic ? Such a great question, and guess what ?! I don’t plan on answering it , I don’t feel I have to.
A friendship worth valuing is a friendship in which you feel completely comfortable to be yourself. If your friendship is worth valuing you should be able to tell that person any and everything without worrying about being judged. A friendship worth valuing is a bond between people that compliment one another’s personalities, have many things in common, or a combination of both among many other things. But not all friendships are like this. If you find your self in a friendship that you can’t be your self around , feel judged and feel as if your “friend” is bringing you down rather than helping you become a better person, maybe you need to reconsider the friendship. Remember, people tend to judge you based on your friends, hence the saying “you are who you hang out with” which is probably not even a saying, but it should be. :p

Before I put and end to this post I just want to thank you for reading and invite you to continue reading. (: I plan on posting at least a couple times a week.


~ if you have any ideas or suggestions on topics for later post please let me know via email, which is babygirltmj@yahoo.com. Yes I know I should probably make a more professional email address but there’s a reason behind the email address , but that’s a different story.