Big anticipation

When i was about. . . well i don’t actually remember how old i was. But anyway when I was younger I remember when my godsister was getting all excited for her prom. I remember her showing me her prom pictures and how wonderful she looked and how much fun it looked like she was having. From then on I couldn’t wait for my own prom. I couldn’t wait to look beautiful in a long gown with my hair done all pretty with my date. Having a great time and take a bunch of pictures with everyone.

Well, in just one week I will be attending my one and only prom. I didnt think that it was going to be this stressful. I had dress trouble and date trouble. And not to mention how expensive it is! Prom dresses aren’t cheap, neither are shoes, getting your hair and nails done, and paying for tickets. But to be quite honest I have been taking the cheap way with prom. Its the best way i think. No uses spending hundreds of dollars on one night. But anyway my prom problems have seemed to solved and everything looks like its going on the right track.

My dress is amazing!!!!! It is red and has silver sparkles, It makes my boobs look really nice. There’s a slit in the front too. The back is my favorite, the straps are criss-crossed and they have sparkles on them and it shows my back.  I am so in love with it ( I will post pictures when i write about my prom experience). My shoes are the best too, they go perfect with my dress. I just don’t know what i’m going to do with my hair or if i should wear makeup or not.

But hopefully prom turns out great. I want to take a bunch of pictures. Dance until my feet feel like they are going to bleed, and have a great time with my date. Until next time…. ❤






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