Big anticipation

When i was about. . . well i don’t actually remember how old i was. But anyway when I was younger I remember when my godsister was getting all excited for her prom. I remember her showing me her prom pictures and how wonderful she looked and how much fun it looked like she was having. From then on I couldn’t wait for my own prom. I couldn’t wait to look beautiful in a long gown with my hair done all pretty with my date. Having a great time and take a bunch of pictures with everyone.

Well, in just one week I will be attending my one and only prom. I didnt think that it was going to be this stressful. I had dress trouble and date trouble. And not to mention how expensive it is! Prom dresses aren’t cheap, neither are shoes, getting your hair and nails done, and paying for tickets. But to be quite honest I have been taking the cheap way with prom. Its the best way i think. No uses spending hundreds of dollars on one night. But anyway my prom problems have seemed to solved and everything looks like its going on the right track.

My dress is amazing!!!!! It is red and has silver sparkles, It makes my boobs look really nice. There’s a slit in the front too. The back is my favorite, the straps are criss-crossed and they have sparkles on them and it shows my back.  I am so in love with it ( I will post pictures when i write about my prom experience). My shoes are the best too, they go perfect with my dress. I just don’t know what i’m going to do with my hair or if i should wear makeup or not.

But hopefully prom turns out great. I want to take a bunch of pictures. Dance until my feet feel like they are going to bleed, and have a great time with my date. Until next time…. ❤






My Italian Experience

So life has been GREAT! I just go back to America after visiting Italy and Rome and I can now start blogging again because I finally have a new laptop! It feels good to let my fingers linger on the keyboard as i type my life away. I dont know what it is but something about it gives me great joy. So as I have just said i have just gotten back to America from Italy and Rome and let me just say that i had the time of my life. It was like a dream. I did all of the touristy things as well as experienced what it would life is like to be a resident. so basically now I will allow you to look into my experience

The first two days in Europe were spent in Rome. There i visited the Coliseum and the Vatican. Both of which are beautiful. In both places the streets were filled with thousands of tourist and vendors. It was amazing to see that many people all amazed by the lovely art that surrounds them. Its amazing, it kind of puts you in a daze. You are standing in the middle of ancient history. Its just an amazing feeling. Due to some issues i was not able to go into the coliseum, but i did however get to go inside of the Vatican. It was quite amazing…. And i know that i am using the word amazing a lot but there is no other word to describe it. The vatican was covered from the floor to the ceiling with beautiful art. Everywhere that you looked you saw a beautiful piece of art. It would be enjoyable to anyone. At first I was worried that i wasn’t going to like it because I personally am not big on religion and i thought that it was going to be all religion based but it was nothing like what I thought it was going to be.. it was 1000000 times better.

I also went to see the leaning tower of Pisa. it was so cool. I went all the way to the top. The amount of stairs was ridiculous and the stairs were so slippery. It also didn’t help that there were indents from so many people walking on the same part of the step. I took, and failed, at taking those goofy pictures when it looks like you are holding up the tower. But i did get a really nice picture of the view from the top of the tower and at the bottom of the tower looking up. It was there that I saw the only McDonalds that i seen in Italy. I didnt eat anything from there but i did look at the menu. There wasn’t really anything out of the ordinary except that they have mozzarella sticks and pasta salads.

While in Rome I ate only foods that i have never heard of, I wanted to “do as the romans do”.

The food was very different but I must say that i enjoyed about 95% of it. But there was this one meat, it was terrible. The smell was repulsive and it tasted like it had been dipped in toilet water! I don’t remember what it was called but i hope i never encounter it again. But then i had this amazing fruit, again i’m not sure what the fruit is called, but it was so good. The skin was like a plum but you peel it off and then you eat the inside and there is a pit in it. It is sour and tangy but soo good. I absolutely loved them. And of course i have a new love for gelato. I had gelato about 2-3 times a day. I explored all flavors and i must say that there was no nasty flavors. I mean some flavors were better than others but none of them were nasty. I had apple pie, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, bananas, and so many more flavors. I pointed out these flavors because they were my favorite. I have to say that I think that the pizza here in America is better than italian pizza. I mean its good but i prefer the pizza here.

I used a lot of different transportation. I rode on a boat to go to two different islands for shopping and lunch/dinner. I also rode the subway a lot while in rome. It kind of reminded me of New York. Then i rode on the train a lot, like to go to Florence and Lucca. I also did a lot of traveling on a bus, which i am so used to since i have been on many long road trips on a bus. of course i took an airplane to get there and back, well actually i took a lot of airplanes due to the layovers. Then of course i rode in cars. But a lot of the time we walked to do whatever we had to do. Everyone walked or they rode a bike from children to the elderly. It was good to see people out walking and getting their exercise. i personally dont see that much here in America.

I met some really great people in Italy. One of them was the girl that i was staying with. She is such an great person. She has such a great personality she is so welcoming and sweet. I will never forget her. I will always remember sitting at the kitchen table and on the couch and talking about just anything. Now we will have to settle for facetime and whatsapp. But she is definitely a life long friend. There was another girl she was goofy, and shy but once you know her she is wild. She taught me all the bad words in Italian and all of the inappropriate phrases. There was another girl that was sort of a fashionista. She was beautiful and had such a great personality. Her family was great too, they really seemed to like me. But not more than my host family. They were the greatest. They all seemed to love each other so much and they were so happy to have me staying with them. I will never forget how we sat at the dinner table every night and we would all talk and laugh. They were some of the nicest people that I have ever met. Then i met this boy he was great but it seems like he had a lot going on. I wish that i could’ve helped him because he really had a bad outlook on life. he needed someone to show him that there was more to life. There were many other great people that i met in Italy too but these few really made an impression not only in my memory but in my heart.

I wish that i could’ve spent more time in Italy. I feel that 2 weeks wasn’t enough. I hope to go back some time in the near future. And stay for longer this time. This experience made me want to travel the world even more. I now know that in the future i want to travel the world because there is so much more to see in the world besides America.

Now that i am back to my real home I have many things to take care of. I have to get a prom dress, and i don’t have much time because prom is in 2 weeks. I also have to worry about my college stuff and figuring out how i am going to pay for college. But i also have some exciting things coming up! Prom, even though it is stressful now,is going to be exciting. Then i have my 18th birthday coming up, which i am very excited for, even though i don’t have any plans. Then i have senior trip and graduation. So even though i have a lot to do i will also have a lot of rewards.