Dear my guardian angel

Dear NenNen,

Boy do I miss you! I miss hearing your laugh and hearing your voice! I think about you all the time, every little thing reminds me of you. It’s been a year now since you’ve been gone, but I have still have yet to truly understand what that means. Sometimes I dream of you, dreams so vivid that they actually feel like they are happening.

I feel like in the couple of weeks prior to you leaving is I didn’t get to spend enough time with you. I wish I could have just one more sleep over with you. We could sing a bunch of old songs to each other, your the only one who tolerated my horrible voice. We could watch wizard of oz, Cinderella, King Kong, and dream girls like we always used to. And before we go to sleep I could grease you hair, with loads of grease, just like you like it. And afterward we would just lay in bed and laugh and giggle at little things until one of us finally falls asleep.

Your missing out on so many things i wanted you to see. I can’t believe that you won’t be there to celebrate my 18 birthday, or to see me all dressed up for prom, or see me walk the stage. Then again, you won’t be missing out at all because I know you will be there on spirit.

Love you and miss you more than anything my guardian angel.

Rest in paradise




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