And then there was change

I know that I was supposed to post a couple of days ago, but of course I can never do anything on time.

So how did my yes day go? Not as good as I thought it would be. For starters it wasn’t a good day to begin with and I even forgot a couple times that I was supposed to be saying yes to everything ….

Saying yes lead to me singing karaoke in gym class, which was actually really fun. owing someone cookies, which they probably will never receive. And of course, frustration and confusion to the people wanting serious answers to their questions. But that was it, I realized that saying yes to everything wasn’t actually that bad. (:

I have decided to change up how I do this “activity” or whatever you wanna call it. For starters I’m not always going to be saying yes every time, I’ll pick a different word or phrase sometimes. That’s really the only thing that I have decided, at the moment, to change but I’m sure as time goes by and I keep doing this I will keep making changes… ( I can never make up my mind.)

Hopefully I can get this thing to actually work out. Any ideas ???

Again, I’m Sorry for not being able to keep my word and post on time.

Oh and I have decided to make my blog a bit more personal so beware of the personal post soon to come .



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