Deepest darkest secret (;

Okay so maybe this isn’t the big reveal of my deepest darkest secret , but it’s just as important. :p

I have decided to add something to my blog to make it bit more interesting, at least that’s the goal. ( let me know if you like the idea )

So here’s how it goes. once a week( a different day each week) Im going to answer YES for all yes or no questions I receive for the entire day. Then Ill write about if it affected my day in a major way or If anyone picked up on what I was doing , and if they took advantage when they noticed… And all the good stuff…

I’m not usually going to tell you when I’m gonna do it , but since it’s the first time ill let you know on the secret. (;
Tomorrow is my first YES DAY !
Stay tuned !

Wish me luck (:



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