50 things to do before I die

1) Visit Alaska
– I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska, once when it when it is light and once when it’s dark, just because I think it will be a great experience.

2) Visit Paris
-Who doesn’t want to go to Paris ? I mean it’s the best ! French speaking people all around you, crepes, beautiful scenery… What’s not to love?

3) Own a Great Dane
– After watching the movie 7 pounds I have wanted a Great Dane . They are really such amazing dogs !

4) Go skydiving
– I have a serious fear of falling, so the only way to get over that fear is to fall. So why not fall from the sky after jumping off of a plane? Sounds good to me !

5) Record a song written by ME !
– I am not a good singer nor am I a song writer, however I would love to do both… Even of it’s only once.

6) Swim with the dolphins
-I love swimming… I think dolphins are the cutest… And I want to take a picture in the water with one after a good swim, of me kissing it’s nose. Is that really too much to ask for?

7) Ride a horse
-Just something I have always wanted to do . Horses are such beautiful animals, besides their smell.

8) Find my true love
– This has to be on everyone’s list. I don’t want to die unhappy and lonely. I want someone to cherish life with (:

9) Deliver at least 50 babies
-What better than bringing new life into the world? Nothing at all! Considering that I want to be an obstetrician I will probably deliver more than 50 babies, but hey you gotta start small.

10) Have the wedding I always dreamed of
– which is just a small wedding with immediate friends and family, nothing to big but at the same time extra special in my eyes.

11) See the sun rise
– I would love to lie on the beach and watch the sun rise with someone special to me. I have heard many stories about how it’s such a beautiful sight.

12) See the sun set
– just like the sun rise I would like to lie on a beach with someone that is special and watch the sun set. I would like to watch the sun rise and set all in the same day.

13) Have a garden
– I would love to have a garden in my backyard! In it I would grow cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, and maybe even some flowers.

14) Go to the place where the lights touch the earth
– when I was little I had a slight obsession with the Disney movie brother bear. It was in that movie that I had first seen the place where the lights touch the earth, otherwise known as the northern lights, and since then I have always wanted to witness It with my own eyes.

15) Visit great wall of china
– just for the experience, and the workout lol.

16) Watch the ball drop in Times Square and kiss someone at midnight
– cheesy right, but I’m a hopeless romantic what can I say? Plus it’s the perfect way to start the new year.

17) Visit all 50 states
– not only do I want to visit them I also want to learn atleast 25 things about each state. I feel I need to know more about my country.

18) Be an extra in a movie
– I don’t ever want to be famous, due to the lack of privacy. But I would love to be able to say that I was in a movie … So being and extra is perfect for me.

19) Visit Spain
– such a beautiful place based on all the movies, stories, and pictures that I have seen. I can’t wait to see it all with my own eyes!

20) Send a message in a bottle
– just something I think will be fun to do. The message would have to be something spectacular, even though it will have no purpose.

21) Shower under a waterfall
– a weak one of course. Just for the wonderful experience.

22) Write my will
– just something everyone should do before they die.

23) Donate money to charity and put my name on something
– maybe for a scholarship of something ? I’m not sure, I just want it to be something that will actually be helpful.

24) Kiss someone I’ve only just met
– that’s just the dare devil in me (;

25) Make love on the kitchen floor
– writing that kind of makes me chuckle. It really doesn’t have to be on the kitchen floor, anywhere odd will do.

26) Fly in hot air balloon
– I would love to float around and not have to look through a plane window to see the ground from the sky.

27) Receive a dozen roses
– just so that I can feel special and loved ❤

28) Throw a dart on a map and go where ever it lands
– isn't this such a good idea? Hopefully the place is actually safe and secure.

29) Learn sign language
– I have always wanted to learn sign language but never had someone to teach me. Plus, I really think I'm going to be deaf when I get old because I already have really bad hearing, so I want to be prepared.

30) Become a godmother
– I really don't have a legit reason, I just really want to be a godmother one day.

31) Ride a mechanical bull
– I'm a taurus, which is a bull, and I'm scared of falling so Id be holding on so tight I don't think I would fall. I just want to see if I can actually handle it. Plus, I've heard it's lots of fun!

32) Slow dance in the rain
– there goes the hopeless romantic in me again.

33) Carve mine and my soul mates initials in a tree
– so that when get older and have children we can show them the tree and tell them " this is OUR tree"

34) Save a life
– which I might have already done without knowing.

35) Count my blessings
– literally , I want to sit down and make a numbered list of all my blessings to see what I take for granted and learn to them cherish more.

36) Write down and highlight each day for a year
– I want to do this so that the following year i can read the corresponding days and see how might life has changed from that exact day just a year before.

37) Float in Dead Sea
– I just want to be able float on the water and read a book and not have to worry about "going under".

38) Learn about astrology
– just because I find it interesting, and always say that I want to learn more but never actually do.

39) Learn to play chess
– to keep my brain in check of course. Plus I heard it's really hard, and I would like to see what's so challenging about it.

40) Go to macys thanksgiving day parade
– every year on thanksgiving morning I watch the macys thanksgiving parade on tv and wish I was actually there in person because I know that it's not the same.

41) Learn to yodel
– just so that I can annoy everyone with me talent.

42) Go to a nude beach
– I would love to get a perfect tan! The only way for that to happen is to tan naked.

43) Write a letter to future self
– just a short letter to tell myself how much I love myself and how proud I am of myself . And how much I believe in me! A reminder for when I'm having a bad day.

44) Attempt to break a world record
– just to see if I can actually break the record. If I can that would be awesome, but even if I can't at least I tried.

45) Say yes to everything for a day
– inspired by the movie yes man. Hopefully it doesn't backfire.

46) Go on a road trip with no destination
– i just want to get in the car with one or two other people and just drive and see where it leads me.

47) Visit England
– so that I can hopefully pick up and accent … That's really the only reason.

48) Read the bible
– I don't really know much about the bible, but I would like to learn.

49) Find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop
– I can never actually test the theory because I always end up biting it. But I do want to know the exact answer.

50) Share life story
– sparing no details!! I want to sit down with anyone, could even be a stranger, like in the movie Forrest Gump and tell them everything that has happened in my life so far…. Any takers ?

As I accomplish these goals or add new ones I will keep you updated. Well I hope I didn't bore you to death . Thank you for reading . It really means a lot!!!!



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